Need an easy-to-use and powerful tool for sending Facebook notifications?

ReNotifier is perfect for novices and professionals alike. Easy to setup and fun to use!

Up to 90% open rates. Up to 50% click rates. Up to 400% more engagement and clicks than page posts and email.

Facebook Notifications are one of the most responsive and effective ways to boost Facebook page post, blog post or to communicate important news, events, content or actions your users need to take.

Your notifications will be opened and read by up to 90% of recipients and clicked on by up to 50% of recipients.

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3-minutes setup. Start sending Notifications now.

All you need to do before you can start sending Notifications is 1) make an app / game on Facebook platform, 2) make a list of User IDs from existing users who already authenticated your App / Game.

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What are the requirements for sending Notifications to Facebook users? Can our company / organization start sending?

You can send Notifications to your user base if:

  1. you allow people to log in to your website, app or game with their Facebook profiles. (i.e. you have a “Login with Facebook” on your website, app or game), OR
  2. you have an app or game on Facebook platform users connect to with their Facebook profiles


Import your existing users quickly and easily.

ReNotifier makes it really easy to import and starting sending notifications to existing users who already authorised your Facebook app or game in the past. Simply copy/paste User IDs and ReNotifier does the rest.

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Take the user to any Destination URL you want - on or off Facebook.

Each notification is a clickable link. When user clicks your Notification, you can take the user to any destination URL address of your choice. This can be on Facebook (Facebook page tab, individual post, Facebook app canvas, etc) or off Facebook (breaking news, your ecommerce site, blog, article, landing page, etc).

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Broadcasting - Send Notifications to one or more user segments.

Broadcasting allows you to send Notifications at any time to one or more user segments (men, women, etc) you define yourself. Simply write your message, set destination URL, set delivery time, select User segments to send to and hit send. ReNotifier will does the rest.

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Scheduled broadcasting. Send notifications at the right time.

In real life the time you create Notifications and the time you actually want them to be sent often don’t overlap. No worries. ReNotifier will send your notifications on your behalf at any date/time you want while you’re doing something totally else. Simply set the date and time of broadcast when creating a notification and ReNotifier will start broadcasting at the specified date and time.

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Autoresponders. Automate your follow-up messages.

Sending users a series of relevant follow-up message increases engagement in your app and clicks to your website, thus more conversions. ReNotifier lets you trigger a sequence of delayed Notifications after a new user has authorised your Facebook app / game and send out automatic Notifications at pre-determined time intervals. Great for follow-ups.

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User segmentation. Deliver relevant Notifications to the right users. Increase response rates.

Notifications work well when they deliver relevant, useful information to the right user. ReNotifier make is easy to create unlimited number of user segments using more than 10 different criteria. You can then send notification to any of these segments.

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Create your own Custom User Fields.

ReNotifier lets you add unlimited number of custom user fields so you can gather and store additional information about each user (e.g. interests, birthday, etc), it allows you to create better user segments and send more relevant notifications to your users.

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ReNotifier API. Add new users from your app to ReNotifier in real-time.

Our API makes it really easy to add new users to the ReNotifier in real-time and send first Notification to the user immediately after the user connects with your Facebook app. Simply copy a few lines of code and paste it to your Facebook app / game. We offer code samples for many popular programming languages.

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Reports. Always know your numbers.

ReNotifier reports back on the notifications sent, delivered and clicked, both on the user and notifications level.

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Unlimited number of Facebook apps or games in one ReNotifier account.

Got more than one app or game on Facebook platform? No problem. Add, manage and send notifications from all of them from one single ReNotifier account.

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FREE Bonus: Facebook Notifications Marketing Guide

When you sign up to ReNotifier you also get a guide with tips, tricks and best practices how to:

  • get better overall results and higher ROI from your Notifications.
  • get more users to pay attention to and click your Notifications.
  • get less Unsubscribes and avoid losing your users.
  • get less Spam complaints and avoid your app being blocked by Facebook.

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