Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send Facebook notifications from a website?

Yes you can! You do not need an app on Facebook to send notifications with ReNotifier. With the ReNotifier tool you can build a placeholder app in a minute which will allow you to send notifications, even if you have a website that only has Login with Facebook. Even if you do not have any Facebook integration (e.g. Login with Facebook) on your website you can start immediately!

What do I need to send Facebook notifications?

In order to send notifications you need an app on Facebook or a website. If you don't have one - don't worry, it's incredibly simple to create one. You can even transform your website to be an app on Facebook by following instructions from ReNotifier. Try it out now, it takes minutes.

I have a huge volume of users - is this a problem?

ReNotifier is a fast and reliable service which is useful for apps/websites with as few as a couple users and as much as several million.

Can users unsubscribe / opt-out from receiving our notifications?

Just like in email marketing, your users can opt-out at any time from receiving your notifications. And they can do that easily. Make sure you read and follow our guidelines and don’t give your users a reason to opt-out because they can opt-out very easily.

Can I send Facebook notifications to mobile?

Sadly, no. The notifications are only surfaced on the desktop web version of Facebook.

What are Facebook notifications?

Notifications are short (up to 180 characters) messages you can send to Facebook users who have authorized your Facebook app or game. Each Notification consists of image, message (up to 180 characters) and a destination URL. Notifications are one of the most effective and responsive channels to reach and engage your users and to communicate your important news, events and actions you want your users to take -- such as liking or writing a comment on your post, reading an article, inviting their friends, buying virtual goods in your game, making a purchase in your ecommerce site, etc.

Why should I be sending Notifications?

Short answer: Better reach, higher engagement and more clicks to your Destination URL! Facebook users pay lots of attention to Notifications. Notifications are a highly responsive communication channel! When you send relevant notification, average click-rate for Notifications is 20% to 50% (i.e. 200 to 500 clicks for every 1.000 recipients), or even more. When you compare such click-rate to email (4%) and posts on your Facebook page (5%), it should be a no brainer why you absolutely have to start using Notifications on a regular basis as one of your communication channels.

Who can I send Notifications to?

Notifications are permission-based communication channel. You can send Notifications only to users who have authorized your Facebook app or game (i.e. users logged in, registered or connected with your web/mobile app/game with their Facebook profile).

I have (or can obtain) a list of Facebook UIDs. Can I send Notifications to these users?

Yes, but only if these users authorized your Facebook app or game or have logged into your website with Facebook.

How much does it cost to send Notifications?

Facebook doesn’t charge anything for sending Notifications to the users who have authorised your Facebook app or game. Notifications are a free channel just like email - it doesn’t cost anything to send a message to one or more recipients.