How it works

ReNotifier is an application where you compose and send Facebook notifications to your users in several ways. Here's an example rundown of steps that our users take to unleash some of the potential of ReNotifier:

Step 1: Add your Facebook app or website to ReNotifier

ReNotifier sends notifications to your users on your Facebook app’s or website’s behalf. The first step is to add your Facebook app to ReNotifier by entering your Facebook App ID and some additional data and ReNotifier will do the rest! Magic!

Step 2: Create custom user fields

If your web / mobile app is collecting additional information from your users (e.g. interests, birthday, favorite food, etc), you can store this information into ReNotifier with custom user fields. This lets you create better user segments and send more relevant notifications to your users. ReNotifier lets you add unlimited number of custom user fields.

Step 3: Import existing users

If you have a list of User IDs from Facebook users who are already connected to or have authenticated your Facebook app, you can easily import them into ReNotifier so you can immediately start sending them notifications. Simply copy-paste User IDs into ReNotifier and click Import.

Step 4: Connect your Facebook app with ReNotifier via API or JavaScript tracking code

Our API makes it really easy to add new users to ReNotifier in real-time and send first Notification to the user immediately after the user connects with your Facebook app. Simply copy a few lines of code and paste it to your Facebook app / game. We even provide code samples for PHP, Python, Ruby, cURL.

Alternatively you can use our really simple JavaScript tracking code which you just embed on your website and you're good to go!

Step 5: Create user segments

By creating user segments, you can deliver more relevant notifications to the right user. ReNotifier make is very easy to create unlimited number of user segments using more than 10 different criteria. You can then send notification to any of these segments.

Step 6: Create autoresponders

By creating autoresponders you can send a user a sequence of relevant follow-up message after the user has been added to your ReNotifier at pre-determined time intervals. (day 2, day 4, day 7, etc). Sending relevant follow-up notifications to the user increases clicks to your website / app and thus actions the user takes on your website / app.

Step 7: Start broadcasting

Start sending relevant Notifications to your user base on a regular, weekly basis. This will help you re-engage users with your brand, content, app or offers.